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DSE Lesson Plans

While Teacher Leaders for Inclusion make a number of considerations when writing and implementing lessons, two questions lead their work: 1. What am I explicitly and implicitly teaching about disability and other forms of difference? and 2. How am I ensuring access to learning? The lesson plans here make these considerations and align with DSE tenets. Use them in your own teaching or as models for creating your own plans.

Grade 1-3

Analyzing the Disability Perspective in The Wonderful Life of a Fly Who Couldn’t Fly (Lozoff, 2002)

Grade 6-8

Learning from disabled authors—empowerment, anti-ableism, and understanding oppression

Grade 3-5

Empowerment and Disability: Proud-Deaf

Grade 4-8

Advocacy and Audiograms

Grade 5-8

Introduction to Student-Led IEPs

Grade 4

Integrating Disability with Patricia Polacco Books

Grade 1-3

My Friend Isabelle

Grade 11

Synthesizing Narratives to Dismiss Notions of Normalcy

Grade 11

Am I Represented?

Grade 12

Disability Stereotypes in Literature & Media

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